Frequently Asked Questions: WEDDING DAY

Yes, we do! We have 2 hairstylists and 2 Makeup artists to accommodate your bridal needs.

For brides an average 1.5 hours and for guests/moms/bridesmaids 1+ hr  per service. 

Please note: service time can vary from person to person based on makeup look, hair length, density, texture and if extensions will be used or not. 

We currently DON’T offer hair services alone. We offer hair services when accompanied by makeup. We hope that in the future we can offer this service alone again.

We Don’t. We love the results we can achieve using traditional products + our technique of application.

I can accommodate wedding parties of all sizes with the help of day-of assistants.  For weddings with 6 or less services, Maria and Lulu will be the only artists on site doing hair and makeup.  For weddings where the number of services exceeds a getting ready timeline of 7 hours,  we will require the use of assisting artists to get everyone ready on time.  Assisting artists may also be required if you are unable to get into your venue early enough to accommodate the needed timeframe to get you and your bridal party ready on time and we have to work with a shortened timeframe. Ex: Your venue will not allow you on site until 10 am, but your photographer wants to start photos at 2 pm, and it will take 7 hours for everyone to get ready.  An assisting artist is required to shorten the timeframe to 4 hours instead of 7.


 Maria and Lulu will always be the lead artists for the bride and any party members she indicates.  There will be a fee of $250 added for each required assistant.


  • ARTISTS: Services refers to the total number of hair and makeup applications on the wedding day. For example: 2 people having hair and makeup equals 4 services. Additional artists are required when there are more than 6 services booked or timeframes less than 7 hours. 

    TIMING: All weddings are booked for between 6-8 hours. The number of artists required to fit in this timeframe is as listed. For shorter timeframes, please inquire for specific quotes. Should your venue have requirements for what time we can arrive to get started, this may necessitate a shortened timeframe and additional artists to complete.

How many artists will you need?

  • Services                        Artist
  • 1-6                                  1
  • 6-7                                  1-2
  • 8-12                                2
  • 13-15                              3
  • 16-20                              4
  • 21-24                              4
  • 25+                          Just ask us!

Additional artist fee of $250 is for every additional artist after the first hair/makeup artist.

  • Groups may require an additional artist under these circumstances: 
  • -Limited time onsite
  • -Early ready-by times
  • -Group requesting more detailed services, etc.

Yes.  You will receive a touch up kit that includes my standard touch up items, and your group will receive a sample touchup lip kit, a powder puff, and can of luxury brand hairspray to share. 

Is there something else you’d like to know that I haven’t answered here?  Let me know! I’m happy to answer any of your questions.

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